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A FREE Pinball Game – Table created with Visual Pinball

To Install Irina Pinball, follow these easy steps:
Requires computer with Windows. VP7 included and recommended for this table.

1. Download and unzip the files,
2. open visualpinball_7alpha.msi to install Visual Pinball.

There you go!

DoubleClick ‘Irina Pinball v6.0.vpt’ to play Pinball!


Left Flipper /LEFT SHIFT
Right Flipper /RIGHT SHIFT
Launch Ball /ENTER
Nudge Table /SPACE
ESC /Quit Game (Editor*)

*In the Editor you can change the Screen Resolution.
See Preferences/Video Options.
Like most games, it looks best in ‘Full Screen’ 32bit and ‘HIGH Resolution’.

To display the correct aspect ratio on ‘widescreen monitors’ you will need to
play in ‘window mode’ and choose a 4:3 resolution, like 1024×768 or 1600×1200.

Visual Pinball options
Depending on your system resources, the table can be a bit heavy even on a quad core CPU, for smooth gameplay uncheck
‘Antialias Ball’ in Video Options.
If you are using computer with limited user rights, you can open table through editor using this copy of Visual Pinball folder.

Have fun and enjoy Pinball on Ice

FREE Pinball game featuring catchy tunes and groovy gameplay action!

Once you have Visual Pinball installed you can play the many Visual Pinball Tables
available to download on the net, this way you can get more free pinball games for your computer!
Most real pinball machines are simulated in Visual Pinball with fine accuracy. You can also create your own pinball games.
By visiting the link below, you will be able to find many visual pinball tables to download.

Pinball Nirvana

To mention a little about the Irina Pinball game:
Sound effects and game simplicity inspired from older pinball games but mixed in with modern features
known from today’s pinball’s:
There are Ramps, Skillshot, Multiballs, Combos, Jackpot, Kickback, Gates, High Score saver and more. There is no
tilt on the table so you can nudge all you want.
Lots of different types of music throughout the game, mostly classical, over 45 minutes of Irina Slutskaya’s skating music!
If you are a new pinball player, the game may seem difficult(?) and not much happening but don’t give up as the hard
work can be quite a rewarding experience later in game. The main goal, like other pinball games is to beat the
high-score only here you will be rewarded with a gold medal!
If you get the skillshot in the beginning you can get a special gift for the 2002 Olympics.
There are 3 Olympic games each of which you can score massive amount of points but these are only active
while multiballs are in play, so you may feel some pressure.
There are also longer sessions of multiballs where balls re-spawn into play. The ‘Dolly’ at around 2 million
goes on (almost) forever, here everything gives triple/triple points.
The first extraball is lit at 100.000 points, the 2′nd around 600.000. Then there’s a random extraball which
doesn’t happen every season but its a nice surprise when it does.
If you shoot the 8 ramp backwards the table goes Rednex.

For a Visual Pinball table its quite a demanding one, there are over 1000 lights, around 10000 lines of code.
But most of all the large filesize (VP community in shock!) this is mainly because of the ingame music. Its
not that the sound is high quality just that there is a lot of music in the game. But dont worry, in the end
you may find an enjoyable free pinball game packed with music and sound effects.

So whats new?:

Irina Pinball v6.0
The version name is quite suitable, as you probably figured out – this is the FINALE’ Version!
Pinball updates include:
Flamenko remix at 2 million.
Gypsy multiballs at 3 million.
New Extraball (random).
New (random) combo mode “Rondo Capprisio”, use your skills to ramp up the score.
Small adjustments in the table scoring.
Press ‘Q’ on the credits screen to reset highscores.
Cheat mode added.
Medal Ceremony! This must be the first pinball game ever to have such a feature!
umm ok..maybe nothing to get too excited about..It does somehow create a more skating feel
as you are competing against others to get a medal.
All together it feels like a nice way to round off the project and start creating a new Visual Pinball Table.

Update! New music and other features, mostly later in game.

Some changes in the game and also added more music.

New music edits, graphics, light effects and gameplay features!
While the game music is still of low quality and has a muddy/bassy sound to it, the
pinball soundeffects are squeaky clean. I feel it created a nice contrast
during game play.

New pinball music and gameplay features.
Added 6.0 judging system.
Improved audio quality, before it was only 8bit mono.

BIG update! New features in gameplay. New sounds and graphics.

Fixed a bug related to loading/saving highscores,
because of my weak programming skills some users experienced problems
getting the pinball game working.

v1.0 23/5-2004
Irina Pinball game ready and playable (on my computer).


Game features:

Skillshot: 10.000

Multiball modes with Jackpot and “La Traviata” bonus:

0 “Wonderland”
220.000 “Flamenko”
580.000 “Tottentanz”
1.000.000 “Don Quixote”
2.000.000 “Flamenko remix”
3.000.000 “Gipsy”
4.000.000 “Tico, Tico”
4.700.000 “Timeless”
5.000.000 “Nostradamus”

and every 700.000 or so “Victory” multiballs.

After 5.500.000 the music choices of multiballs are random.
Multiball modes are disabled after 10.000.000.

Olympic Games (Multiballs):

To qualify you have to hit the 6 different ramps while lit. Each one is recognizable as they play a different tune.

1998 Olympics: Bumpers lit and kickback active.

2002 Olympics: Kickback and Middle Post active. If you got skillshot you can score an extra 100.000 by
shooting the right ramp but only while both balls are in play.

2006 Olympics: This is where you can score MASSIVE points. If you are good enough even a Million or
two, there is no limit as long as both balls stay in play. Go for the (flashing) Bumpers, each
hit scores an impressive: 10.000 points.


600.000 “Guadioni” Medium session Multiballs with Jackpot.

2.000.000 “Dolly” Long session multiballs where everything scores 3x points.

3.000.000 “Kalinka” Multiballs with continuous Super Jackpot lit as long as balls are in play. Post
stays up until hit 3 times.

Random “Rondo Capriccioso” multiball mode, here ramp combos score big points. Mode only lit after a lost ball.
When game is over, the first ball in the next game might have this mode activated. You’ll never know.

Music changes:

Lost ball after 400.000 “Ballet Suite 5/The Bolt”
Lost ball after Guadilioni mode “Tosca”
Lost ball after 3.500.000 “Serenade”
Lost ball after 5.500.000 “Schindlers List”

Extra Balls:

600.000 or so (27 lit ramps hit)
Random extra ball: Comes as a surprise!
4.500.000 “Fosse” single ball mode. Shoot the right ramp till fully lit without draining the ball. Its not as easy as it sounds.

Irina Pinball Cheat Code:

Type “10Balls” on title screen. However with this cheat highscores will not be saved
Now that would be cheating

I’ve recently been playing ealier versions and been quite surprised how much its improved. It might sound wrong to work so much
on just one table but the 6+ years of continuing updating it, i feel its gotten better after each update.
I plan to hold a pinball contest with prize money and there will be done a few new updates on the table, small graphical
corrections, increased scores for combos and at the end of each game, quotes from Irina (depending on your score). Stay tuned!
There is still a bug in which its possible to get 3 balls in multiball mode but i will leave it in the game.

Now its your turn, stroke up Irina! and win some gold medals!

History behind Irina Pinball:

When I was little I built my own Pinball machine. I lived in a farm and there where loads of things laying around.
I found a wooden box and mounted a mini billiard table on top of it. Smaller than a real pinball but still a good
size for the playfield area.
I drilled holes for mounting lights in. You know those xmas light chains?
For the flippers I stretched rubber bands on their edges, a nail through each on opposite side and furtherst away strings which
would go to the front of table, one for each flipper. The rubberbands and strings where elevated so balls could roll below
them via outlanes.
Pulling these strings made it possible to control the flipper speed. For balls I used marbles, I collected them so no problem
with multiballs, lots of different colors too. I remember my favorite was a green marble with air bubbles inside, it looked amazing
in the dark in the pinball lighting.
The plunger was the most authentic part, with spring, nuts and bolts. I painted art on the table. It was all spaceships, planets
and stars..On the playfield I made some ramps. I also banged in nails and tightly wrapped rubber bands on them,
I can tell you when a marble hit these, it went flying, at warp speed!!
I managed to make a coin door/mechanism. From two bicycle wheel spokes a rail was made. This was wired to an electromagnet.
As a coin is electrically conductive, inserting a coin would activate a connetion and send power to the electromagnet which
would open enough time for balls to roll to the plunger, ready to play a new game. If a coin was too small it would slip between the
rails and into an eject chute. If the coin was too big..well it wouldnt fit into the coin slot
It still felt like something was missing and that was a scoring system.
At the time I had a spare Commodore 64. I programmed a scoring system and keyboard hacked it and connected it to microswitches
on the tables ramps and targets. So while playing one could follow the score on a small TV.
Even though it was nothing like a real pinball machine but with all the lights, flippers, multiballs and scoring system
it was fun to play, specially in the dark.
Later I got a sheet of plexi fitted over table, the marbles rolling on wood made quite a racket.
I was I had taken a photo of the machine.

How does this have anything to do with Irina Pinball? Well at the time I also thought to build a new and more advanced pinball
machine and made a drawing of it.

Was in my teens and perhaps this was just a rough sketch of the design. I was always told I was a good at drawing..
I never got around to building another pinball but when I found the design again and also discovered Visual Pinball, I thought
to use this and see how it would work. Maybe you can see the similarities in Irina Pinball?

When I began working on the table it wasnt called Irina Pinball, infact the table didnt even have a theme.
For quite a while it was all about placing the different pinball elements on the table and getting some flow in the gameplay.
When I watched figure skating for the first time in 2002 Olympics I thought what is this sport? Well maybe there are some
beautiful ladies to look at and sure enough I instantly fell in love with Irina Slutskaya, not only beautiful but she seemsed so
different than all the other ladies.
I then found ISFF (Irina Slutskaya Fan Forum). It was a wonderful community, one which I will never forget.
The Pinball table rested for a long period.
Then suddenly I thought how would this work, Irina Slutskaya and Pinball. Skating doesnt really go with pinball does it?
I dont think anyone has done this before, well why not? All pinball’s have a theme. So it was back to work.
Went by carefully selecting sounds. Wanted this to be a friendly game, no screams, shooting or scary monsters. Instead full
of Irina lovin’. It was a pleasure working on it. I also liked her music choices and found they matched well in the game.
Pinball fans may think, why should I want to play this table, I dont like figure skating while skating fans may think, what? a
table with some pictures of Irina on it. For me its just Irina Pinball.
Someday I’d still love to make a new homemade pinball machine, all parts are available on the net. Sure enough with my skills
it might not be so advanced a table but I also enjoy the older, more simple ones. On the other hand I’m worried that this is
almost an impossible task.

Somehow I still think this could be my next project, yes a real homemade pinball machine!